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May, 2021

Field Rules and Safety Procedures

RVSC is committed to safety on our fields and within our teams.  This year has been different in sharing of information with COVID restrictions limiting parent and coach meetings where this information has historically been emphasized.  Despite more difficult communication, we are all achieving the common goal of KIDS playing soccer!  Let's keep it up safely!

GOALS are to remain anchored to the ground at all times.  If you notice rebar lifted, please press it down or tell a coach or age rep.  There is to be NO HANGING on the goals.  Coaches will tell kids to get off the goals, but do not always see it happening.  Please remind your own kids that we do not hang on the goals as they can tip with the right weight on them or if there are lifted anchors.

Most of us love our DOGS, but they do not belong on the soccer field.  DOGS on the field is a liability we cannot accept as a club.  We ask you to leave your furry friends home whenever attending events at the soccer fields.  In the event someone brings a dog to the field, they will be asked to put them in the car or keep them off ALL grass surrounding the fields. Today on the U9 fields there were at least 5 dogs that were asked to leave the grass between 9 and 10am.  Please help share this policy when inviting friends or family to the field.

JEWELRY is not allowed on playing fields and can result in a referee penalizing a team.  This includes earrings even in newly pierced ears and metal on hair pieces.  Tape over them is not allowed.  Such rules as this are common to soccer everywhere as well as most other youth sports that involve contact.

SMOKING, VAPING, DRUGS and ALCOHOL are not allowed on the soccer fields per policy. If noted, you will be asked to leave the grass play area that is designated for RVSC use by the City of Omak.  If it is not legal for kids under 16, it is not legal on our fields as our interest is in the SAFETY and WELL-BEING of our players first, always.  

These general safety field rules are common to soccer clubs all over the country, not just specific to Okanogan soccer.  They are not new, but have been emphasized at parent meetings for years. 

We thank you for your participation and assistance in keeping our kids SAFE and PLAYING soccer!

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